Professional Nanny

BlackboardANA Nannies will soon be launching its own Professional Nanny Training course designed specifically for nannies working in private homes. This training is currently awaiting endorsement by the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education (CACHE) the UK’s leading specialist awarding organisation for the care and education sector and will be suitable for obtaining registration as a child-minder with OFSTED.

In the meantime, ANA Nannies is pleased to recommend the following organisations who provide course discounts to ANA Nannies members on verification of their current ANA Nannies membership.

BabyEm, which offers childcare courses for parents and professionals

MNT Training Ltd, which offers a wide range of childcare courses, specialising in initial and ongoing training for early years practitioners and common core skills training for all sectors of the children’s workforce to meet OFSTED requirements.


1 Response to Professional Nanny

  1. Margaret says:

    Saturday 9th March Sharan and I took the course in London and all went very well. The Nannies thoroughly enjoyed it and found the course to be very helpful with lots of new information and ideas to use in their work place.

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